Private schools, boarding schools, and summer camps  
The Educational Register of boarding schools, day schools and private summer programs in U.S. and Europe, with comments by VincentCurtis, publishers since 1941
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The Educational Register of boarding schools, day schools and private summer programs in U.S. and Europe, with comments by VincentCurtis, publishers since 1941
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Private schools and summer camps guide
Welcome to the Educational Register

The Educational Register has been published by VincentCurtis since 1941 as a guide for parents and students to a select few private schools and summer programs, and as a source of free information and advice about independent education. Articles by heads of independent schools, summer study programs and camps are included to introduce you to a wide variety of subjects related to independent education. Boarding schools, day schools, girls schools, boys schools, military schools, and international schools are represented. In addition you'll find private camps and summer programs, home study and special needs programs. Most of these schools and camps are well known to our staff, who have traveled throughout North America and Western Europe over the years and have become familiar with their varied aims and methods. You can search by age, grade, geography, boarding or day, and then link to the schools and camps that interest you. Or you're welcome to contact us for comments and suggestions to fit your needs and interests.

Stan Vincent, Editor

Featured Program

Landmark School

Personalized programs for students with language-based learning disabilities grade 2-12 (boarding grade 9-12). Individualized instruction; a structured and supportive living and learning environment. Est. 1971. Boston area.  

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Featured Program

Exeter Academy Summer School

A rich diversity of language, culture, religion and race... 780 students from around the world bringing to their studies an intellectual curiosity and an adventurous spirit that allows them to glimpse new horizons and make new discoveries. Exeter, NH.

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Teaching with E R A S E R S

“This philosophy first uses the literal purpose of an eraser to guide classroom culture… Much like an eraser allows us to remove and improve upon our mistakes, the philosophy of teaching with erasers incorporates the same security and growth mentality throughout all classroom actions. 

“The second use for the eraser comes in its role as an educational acronym: Expectations, Relevance, Autonomy with Accountability, Stress with Support, Enjoyment, Reflection, and Success. These seven characteristics are consistently visible throughout the plans and lessons of the great teaching I have observed… It is important to note that they are rarely mutually exclusive in practice and are, in fact, commonly seen building upon one another.”

Devin Clifford, Cardigan Mountain School, Canaan, NH

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This Month's Highlights


Bolles School  Jacksonville, FL. Day & boarding college preparatory. 83rd year.          [Find out More]

Stephen's School-Rome Summer  English-speaking courses: arts, classics and humanities.            [Find out More]

Elk Creek Ranch  Coed teens, ranch life with Rocky Mtn. wilderness activi-ties. Cody, WY.
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Grove School  Madison, CT. For emotionally challenged adolescents 11-18.[Find out More]




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